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A hackathon is an intense and fun collaborative marathon where “hack” means to create something entirely new from things that already exist – think “MacGyver.” Developers, designers, and idea generators (participants) are joined by technology partners for a brief period of time – in this case, 48 hours – to develop amazing new products or services in response to challenges posed by the hackathon sponsors.

Do I have to know how to code to join? 

Not all participants need to be developers, but you will need to demo a prototype of your idea before our judges. So, forming a team that accounts for design, UX and coding is a great way to go. You will have an opportunity to do this the morning of the hackathon, or you may want to recruit colleagues with a broad range of skills to register before the hackathon.

How can I participate in the hackathon?

To participate in the hackathon, you will have to register via Eventbrite; registrations will open on 8th of February. They will remain open until the start of the event - you can decide to come spontaneously, but you will have to be signed up through the platform. First come, first served! Come early!

Where is this going to take place?

The hackathon is going to take place in Mindspace, Krausenstraße 9-10, 10117 Berlin, Germany. 


Why should I join the hackathon?

Here are some benefits described by people who have participated in other internal hackathons:

 • ‘It’s a new way of working, in a more agile, interdisciplinary and 

  collaborative form.’

 • ‘Challenge yourself, learn by doing and improve your skills.’ 

 • ‘Have a fun and life-changing experience.’ 

 • ‘Turn your knowledge into a concrete and innovative product/service.’ 

 • ‘Collaborate on a project that might be implemented in real life.’

How do I form a team?

We will help you with that! Don't hesitate to come alone, we will team you up with other participants and members. If you have peers you want to work with, that is, of course, possible as well! We will just match you with mentors of SGEF to make sure you have the best insights into the topic! 

Will teams receive help with their projects?

Yes, participants will be helped by internal experts, we call them mentors, who will coach, support and help them throughout the event. They are internal employees and will not only coach you, but actively work in the participants’ teams. 

How does judging work?

There will be a panel of four experts to judge you on the technical level of your solution as well as your overall approach; we will have a technical review on Sunday morning and in the afternoon you will pitch your solutions in front of everyone!

Who is on the judging panel?

The judging panel will be comprised of professionals and executives of Société Générale and partner companies. 

What equipment will I need for the hackathon?

Bring your computer, mobile device, and any other hardware you wish to use along with their power cords.

Is this an overnight hackathon?

Feel free to code all night and day, no one will judge you for going home to sleep at any time either :-) you’re free to come and go as you wish. However, we will close the venue between 2am and 9am due to the fact that we do not have sleeping facilities. 

Will meals be provided and are they free?

Absolutely. Drinks, breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks will be provided throughout the entire event. 

Can I use third party APIs? 

Yes. In addition to the available technologies provided by our partners, you are free to use any publicly available software and third party APIs.

If I have any other questions regarding the hackathon, who can I contact?

Please reach out to with any questions regarding the organisation of the hackathon!


If you have any questions, reach out to Julia at


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